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Distance courses

The innovation of Maths Corner is the use of the online teaching platform which, in addition to the video and audio connection, transports the student to a Digital Classroom environment and turns the computer screen into an Interactive Whiteboard.

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On this board, the teacher will upload all the necessary material for the course, that is, what he would distribute to his students in the form of a photocopy in a traditional classroom.We are also equipped with special digital pens, so that we can write and draw shapes, equations and other special symbols, which are necessary for subjects such as Mathematics.

So our online platform, using the possibilities that new technologies and the internet give us, brings an entire tutorial to your home, without the lesson lagging behind in anything from conventional secondary education tutorials.Easily and economically, students can have the support and help of an experienced teacher live on their computer.Whether they live in the city or in a remote village we have the ability to offer them high quality education services.

The Interactive Table

The most important tool for the correct conduct of our course is the Interactive Table.The majority of each lesson takes place on it, as it not only functions like the conventional "blackboard" of the school or tutoring room, with the teacher noting or even sketching what is useful, but it has the ability to post all the material with theory, exercises and anything else that may be useful to the teacher for his course.During the course there is full student-teacher interactivity.The teacher examines the student in the previous material, they solve exercises together, delivers the material, while the student expresses and solves any questions.At the end of the lesson, each student can directly download to their computer ALL the content of the interactive whiteboard, i.e. files with theory and exercises done during the lesson as well as any additional notes the teacher has made on the whiteboard.In this way, the student can have the material of each course separately archived and immediately available on his personal computer and refer to it at any time.

Videography of Courses

Another innovation is the possibility of full video recording of each lesson.The recording file is available approximately 1-2 hours after the end of the course.The student can refer to the archive of video lessons and watch all or part of a lesson.The course video service is offered free of charge to all students attending i-Education's live courses and is optional.If a student does not want his lessons to be videotaped, this option is disabled.